"Milky - a little milk-making adventure" is the first picture book I illustrated, written and self-published by the author, Maria Betsworth.

The book is aimed to teach young children about breastfeeding and pumping. They follow Marnie and Marlowe on their milky adventures as they explore the world of breastfeeding and pumping, and learn more about all the different milk-making journeys in the company of their new superhero friend, Milky. :)
Book cover
Nursing animals - my favorite spread! :)
Spread picturing a breastfeeding cafe. 
Spread explaining breast pumps. The hand lettered words imitate the vibrating noise of the pump.
Milky, the milk drop superhero, who accompanies the kids on this journey.
Endpaper with Milky's different poses and expressions.
Book mockup
The printed book and plush toy Milky! :)
The book "Milky - a little milk-making adventure" can be purchased at https://milkmakingmama.co.uk/
Thanks for watching!!
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